Seattle-based indie band



Solo/Group Projects

Johnny Stevens, Guitar/Vox 
Jackson Rudd, Keys/Vox 
Mitch Schrader, Bass 
Karl Ronneburg, Drums/Percussion/Vox 
Dylan Wall, Mixing 
Mac Porter, Mastering 
Sebastian Choe, Art

released June 22, 2015

Ms. Sword

by Shu Zhou

Commissioned by the Solo and Chamber Timpanist's Initiative.

Griffen Harvey and Tanner Tanyeri: marimba

Karl Ronneburg and Casey Voss: timpani

Produced by Sly Pup Productions

She Who Sleeps with a Small Blanket

                    by Kevin Volans

Performed by Karl Ronneburg

December 2016

Recorded by Dan Braunstein

Death with Dignity                (Sufjan Stevens)-Marimba/Vocal cover

Videography by Spencer Haney

Marimba and Vocals by Karl Ronneburg

Production and Mixing by Karl Ronneburg and Spencer Haney Mastering by Mac Porter

Farming by Madelyn Celovsky


by Jason Treuting

Performed by Karl Ronneburg, Nicole Patrick,

Arlo Shultis, and Evan Saddler

May 2015