Einstein in the HOUSE

It's so incredibly beautiful to be part of a community of people who, when you have an idea as insane as "Let's put on a full, free, student production of Einstein on the Beach--in my house", have no qualms about diving in and hopping right on the crazy train/bus/spaceship ride that is this show. 

A lot of you (both audience and cast members) asked me at one time or another what I thought the show was about, and I never really found a good way to describe it. But here's one more shot: I think Einstein on the Beach(/in the House) is about how the littlest things (counting numbers, basic human emotions, solfege, musical cells that repeat over and over, the atom) can grow to become complex and twisted systems (nuclear technology, the justice system, commercialism, gender roles)--and about how understanding that duality can lead us to appreciate the things that make life worth living--namely, love and each other.

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Conductor - Victor Huls

Directors – Grey Grant and Karl Ronneburg

Choreography – Grey in collaboration with Dancers

Mise en Scene (making cardboard trains) – Levin Kim and Andrew Zick

Lighting - Karl Ronneburg and Sam Burck

Person 1 – Karl Ronneburg

Person 2 - Grey Grant

Train Conductor/Judge /Bus Driver – Phoebe Wu

Crazy Eddie – Thomas Kratofil

Kid Judge- Jacob Rogers

Stenographers – Kayla Mathes, Melanie Holt

 Dancers – Melanie Holt, Daz Dandylion, Kayla Mathes, Grey Grant

Einstein -- Teagan Faran

Soprano Soloist – Hayley Boggs

Alto Soloist - Madeline Gotschlich

Soloist for “Building” - Rebecca Rosen

Chorus: Soprano – Christina Swanson, Maya Ballester, Hayley Boggs Alto – Madeleine Gotschlich, Rebecca Rosen, Marty Gray

Tenor – Grant Rossi, Walker Durell

Bass – Walker Durell, Dayton Hare, Thomas Kratofil

Flute 1/picc- Noniko Hsu

Flute 2/sop sax- Lisa Keeney

Bass Clarinet/ Bb clarinet - Jordan Kauffman

Organ 1 - Karalyn Schubrig

Organ 2 – Annie Jeng

So enjoy our adaption of Phillip Glass and Robert Wilsons' masterpiece!

The Dictator's Song and Dance

Dictator: Karl Ronneburg

Henchman: Johnny Matthews

2 February 2017, Power Center for the Performing Arts

From Meredith Monk's Quarry at the University of Michigan.


The Story of Daniel

  -Weak Staff Performance Art

Performers: Phoebe Wu, Zach Kolo,

Karl Ronneburg, and Thomas Kratofil

Living Arts Lounge, Winter 2015

Is Daniel more than just a name on a brick?


Something Actually Bad

by Julia Dooley, Melanie Holt, Thomas Kratofil,

Mac Porter, Cailin Ferguson, and Karl Ronneburg

December 2016, Ann Arbor

A mixed cast of inanimate and human actors ask the question: can performance be dangerous? Are humans onstage real people? Are boxes and stools? What’s the difference between something bad that happens onstage--and Something Actually Bad? The answer may be a ghost story, a campfire song, an honest conversation--or something worse


Washing Machine Explodes

in Super Slow Motion

                   severely edited video

Video/Audio Edit by Karl 

Shown at the THREADS All Arts Festival, March 2018

Destined for Dirt

Karl Ronneburg, Snaxophone

Spencer Haney, 3-D Printed Wrist-Daxophone

Bursley Hall Control Room, 2016

electroacoustic improvisation for snaxophone (electronic pringles can w/Max patch), and daxophone (bowed resonant object)